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Business Finance Tracker

Well-managed finances can go a long way in promoting healthy business operations, and paper-based accounting is an inefficient way to do it. This app lets you track cash flows, sales and service-based income, overhead expenses, and more-unified on a single hub of information


Manage all the data in your restaurant business within this application. From people, and food, to process and service, keep employees on their toes and your customers satisfied.

Conference Room

Take the uncertainty out of conference room availabilities. With this app, you can keep tabs on vacancies, future bookings, upcoming meetings, and more - all from one place.

Event Manager

An end to end software specially created to add and organize Events, allow users to book for Events and choose Venues, and pay through PayPal.

Facility Management

This app is designed to ensure that your business' equipment, furniture, systems, and supplies are managed effectively. With dedicated modules to track everything a workplace could need, you can rest easy knowing that your organization is always in optimal working condition.

Fleet Management

Use this application to keep track of all your vehicles, the owners of those vehicles, and the drivers you employ. You can even fix due dates and schedule reminders to make sure work happens in time.

Gym Management

Manage client memberships and packages, schedule training sessions, track staff attendance, and seamlessly process payments. This app is designed to make it easy to manage and administrate fitness clubs of all sizes.

Human Resource Management

Whether it's recording attendance or running appraisal performance cycles, no matter how big your workforce tasks are, this application can manage them all.

Inventory Management

There are so many inventory management apps on the market, but they don't always understand your stock clearance and delivery patterns. With this app, however, whether you manage one warehouse or many, you can customize the modules and flow according to your process.

Order Management

Manage your Inventory and Sales efficiently. Process quotes, orders and invoices while managing your purchase orders. This Application also alerts the administrator on the Inventory status and sends Invoices to customers on every successful order.

Point of Sale (POS)

Whether you own a standalone store or a retail chain, track all business transactions with one application. Use barcode scanners to collect product details, analyze sales data with reports, and generate purchase invoices.

Seat Management

Whether you run a travel agency or a movie theater, this application can help make seat booking convenient and easy.


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