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For the Innovator in In You.​ Understand. Align. Deliver.

Practico is a Low Code-Low Cost ERP customized by Conclave Learning Solutions. The solution is simple, flexible, easy to use, easy to customize, plug & play. Transform your ideas into business applications regardless of your role.

We strongly believe Your ERP should behave Your Way! 


Explore and experiment with prebuilt applications

Install and customize solutions from our huge collection of applications to meet your specific needs.

Practico is designed to build to address the needs of any industry.  It works for all - Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Logistics, Non-profits and many more. It works across roles, functions and size.

Abandon Complexity

It's time to abandon slow and expensive code-heavy app development. Practico's Low-code plug & play  Business Applications are leading the way forward for application development technologies, for organizations planning to embark on a digital transformation journey. Ready to try out Practico for your business? Start here to learn all the basics.

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Practico is a Plug and Play ERP with more than 50 plus business applications. 

The solution is Low Cost, Flexible & stable which suits the need of any industry. 


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